St James Parish Pastoral Council Minutes – May 19, 2016

Parish Pastoral Council Minutes: May 19, 2016 @ 7:30 pm

Attendees: Father Yarek, Father Dennis, Dave Wilson, Stephanie Krueger, Leanne Plamondon, Ron Nelson, Julius Strachan, Barbara Zimmer

Regrets: Niki Doyle, Kevin Crawford, Tara Epp, Ron Schreiber

  • Meeting Opened at 7:30 pm with an opening prayer recited by all
  • April meeting minutes motioned to be approved by Ron, seconded by Leanne. Carried.

Father Yarek: reported that he will be transferred to St Joseph’s Parish in Calgary August 01. Father Luciano Cortopassi from St James parish in Calgary will replace Father Yarek at St James in Okotoks.  Father Dennis will be returning to his home province effective August 01. There are no current plans to replace Father Dennis when he leaves. Father Yarek has asked the council to encourage the parishioners to join together socially and bring the parish closer together as a family. He feels confident leaving the Parish in good hands. There will be a Parish Farewell for Father Dennis and Yarek on Sunday July 31 after the 11 am mass.

Old Business Updates:

  • Stewardship Committee:
    • Kitchen Committee has been set up. Duties include:
      • Keeping the kitchens stocked with basic meeting refreshments including, coffee, juice powder, sugar and napkins paid for by the parish. Food and specialized items will be the responsibility of the user groups
      • They will organize the pantries the first week in June.
      • Ensure kitchen equipment is in good shape and identify any equipment deficiencies
      • Put together a budget for the 2016/17 fiscal year by July 01
    • Welcoming Committee has been set up. Duties include:
      • Four person phone committee to welcome new parishioners from parish registration list each week
      • Brochure and fridge magnet to be mailed to each new parishioner with both churches contact #s , mass times and logo

New Business

  • Stewardship/ Social Committee:
    • To set a monthly schedule of Social events for the next 12 months
    • Publish these events to allow volunteers to plan ahead for events that interest them
    • Plan to research a new logo for the parish in the Fall
  • Financial Update:
    • Financial Position of parish is in positive position vs last year by about $3900 for the month. Insurance premium payment of $40k in June will bring operating fund down to a critical level.
    • Operating Donations are down by $7100 in April
    • Expense management focusing on spending on essentials only has resulted in an expense reduction from last year of $11,000 for the month
    • Building fund donations have been positive with a balance of $140.000. Finance Council approved paying down the mortgage by $80,000 and spending $15k on priority capital and equipment needs of the parish, (basement floor at St Michaels $7k, Computer and Server for office $6k, Spirit and song books $1k, vacuum  $1.3 k)
    • Balance in Building fund $45-$50k to cover projected shortfall in donations over the summer. If in a surplus position at year end a further lump sum payment will be paid on mortgage
  • Parish Picnic:
    • Planned mini parish picnic for June 12. Knights to provide hamburger and hot dogs. Parish Council, Social Committee and Knights to set up a few games and tables outside to encourage social interaction.
  • Farewell for Father Yarek and Father Dennis:
  • Planned for July 31st as both will be in town at that time. Recognized this is along weekend, however it is the only time that they are both available
  • Coffee and cake after 11 am mass
  • Annual General Meeting:
  • Planned for October 16 after the 11 am mass at St James
  • All parish groups will be contacted to submit a resort on their activities to June 30
  • Booklet will be prepared with submissions for preview the week of Oct 9
  • Desire is to inform parishioners and give them a chance to see what groups are active and a chance to join/volunteer
  • Stewardship Sign Up Sunday
  • Place ministry sign up forms in pews the Sundays of Sept 11 and 18
  • Ask for two year commitment (not lifetime)
  • All current ministers will be asked to attend a workshop –“The Power of Invitation”. Time to be determined


  • Couples for Christ:
    • Having a financial Stewardship workshop on May 22
    • All members are encouraged to participate in a ministry
    • Are open to having a Saturday evening mass versus Sunday evening – This will be table pending Father Luciano’s input
  • Stephanie encouraged the participation of altar servers who wish to serve at a mass be encouraged to do so. Need a core of three or four but should not be a set limit (suggested 6 to 8) on number of servers per mass.
  • Parish Council elections:
    • Father recommended that Parish council should keep its current members for about six months after Father Luciano’s arrival to enable consistency for him.

Next meeting: June 16 at 7 PM (suggested by council to keep meeting time at 7 pm) – Wind up and Social

Closing prayer– All

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm