St James Parish Pastoral Council Minutes – April13, 2016

Parish Pastoral Council Minutes

April 13, 2016 @ 7 PM

Attendees: Father Yarek, Dave Wilson, Stephanie Krueger, Leanne Plamondon, Ron Nelson, Tara Epp

Regrets: Father Dennis, Niki Doyle, Kevin Crawford, Keith Hartman/Barb Zimmer, Julius Strachan, Ron Schreiber

Thanks to Tara for taking minutes

  • Meeting Opened at 7:10 pm with an opening prayer for the third Sunday of Easter recited by all
  • March meeting minutes motioned to be approved by Ron, seconded by Dave. Approved by all.

Father Yarek: reported that Brandon Baily met with him and asked that the school masses continue at 9:30 am on Thursday (vs 9 am) to accommodate the schools attending this mass. Easter vigil services were well attended…Seemed to be an increase in attendance vs previous years. It was suggested that the School Christmas concerts include more Christian testimonies and evangelization in their programs and not just singing Christmas songs.  (Update after mtg- Dave attended the school board ward mtg on April 19 and passed both these points on to the school board. They were pleased that the Thursday mass times will continue at 9:30 and will incorporate more Christian content in their Christmas concerts)

  • The Easter flower donations increased to $1000 + in 2016 vs Est $2-$300 in the past. Increase due to listing loved ones in a remembrance for the flowers on a list and including in the bulletin

New Business:

  1. Workshop on setting up the welcoming committee and implementing prior to the end of June



  • Phone call to new parishioners by welcoming committee
  • Names from office of new parishioners
  • Outline services and contacts
  • Tabled for further discussion- Should we put together a new parish directory?


  • Family registers at Parish Office
    • They receive a pamphlet about St. James and the different groups/ministries/ways to get involved are.
    • They receive a small gift (coffee mug/key ring/blanket/USB stick/book/pen/etc…) to say “welcome”
  • Parish office
    • Tracks family name and the reason they registered (ie: new to area, seeking a sacrament, registered at school, etc…)
  • Parish office
    • Friday afternoon print off weekly report and send to the Welcome Committee
      • The following week divides the list up and each team member phones each family to say “hello” and welcome them to the Parish.
    • Think of a “script” for them – what we think should be included in this conversation (ask questions about family, where they came from, talk about sacrament they are receiving, regular attendance at mass, ways to get involved, like to meet in person…)
  • Next step
    • Families are sent personal invitations to a “welcome coffee Sunday” where the families get a tour of the church and get to stay for coffee/goodies – and possibly receive a special blessing.
  • The process ends with a “new parish family” event – which is either a dinner or a parish picnic – where we invite them personally to attend.
  • Costs for items (approximate) – ideas only J:
    • 8GB Flash drive ($4.85)
    • Pen ($0.49)
    • Reusable bag ($1.00)
    • Bag of mints/sweets ($0.95)
    • Plastic cup ($0.53)
    • Umbrella ($6.09)
    • Lanyard ($2.51)
    • Cooler ($2.03)
    • Journal ($6.55)
    • Frisbee ($0.96)
    • Bandage dispenser ($0.63)
    • Roll up blanket ($9.37)
    • Cinch bag ($1.49)
    • Stylus pen ($1.02)


  • Set up a partner family or sponsor family


  • e-mail with specific invitations
  • Have volunteers wear “welcome vests”
  1. Adoration in the parish
  • Have an adorations day in the parish- start with 12 hours
  • Once in lent, once in Advent
  1. Financial Update
  • Parish in positive financial aistutaion
  • See attached 1st quarter financials
  • Will prepay some building fund amount (EST $80) after discussion at finance mg on April 20th
  • Will recommend to finance to spend around $13k on parish immediate needs- computer, basement floor at St Michaels , floor cleaners


  • Cemetery meeting with Town of Okotoks on April 07
  • Town has 5 to 6 years of cemetery land left
  • St James burials-15 in 2015- 4 years of land left
  • Catholic portion has extra space south of existing
  • Catholics s/b buried east to west.. Currently are buried north to south
  • Burials national 7 per 1000, Okotoks 4.4 per 1000
  • Cremation increasing to 83% in Okotoks. Snodgras cremations = 87% Province =70%
  • Options: side by side burial, bottom/top burial cremations, organic burial-no casket, headstone or tended plot
  • Catholics= 35% of funerals in 2015
  • Town looking for one hectare (2.5 acres) of new land
  • Christ the Redeemer will have a Summit Streaming weekend at HTA on April 15 and 16
  • Live in at HTA on April 9th was well attended and excellent feedback Almost 200 at mass on Sat pm
  • John Barlow- Medical assisted dying meeting on April 7th attended by about 200 people. Review and input into legislation that must be in place by June 05. Stephanie suggested a work shop at our parish on Hospice and palliative care in relation to the assisted dying legislation

Next meeting: May 19… June 16 for year end windup mtg and social

Closing prayer– All

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm