Parish Council Report on Sacramental Preparation, Adult Education and Youth Ministry – Nov. 13, 2014

Sacramental Preparation:

  • 1st Reconciliation: 77 registrations—2 more classes—then turn over to Fr. Yarek and Fr. Dennis
  • Confirmation: 54 candidates—Confirmation date is Feb. 8th at 11am Mass.
  • 1st Communion: 99 but should get more on this one.
  • RCIT
    • 2 at HTA – grade 11
    • 4 at St. JPII – grade 7-8
  • Parish Reconciliation date: Tuesday, Dec 16,@7pm with 6 priests in attendance.

Adult Education and prayer groups:

  • These are about 6-7 members in the two prayer groups I coordinate. There are about 5-6 members in the Book Club. Would like to have them speak at Masses to promote membership and participation.

Mom’s Group

  • We have about 12-14 Moms who come to the Mom’s Group and about 5 of them are new members this year.
  • The Mom’s group is still looking for a person to hire for childcare.
  • Moms are more involved in service this year with:
    • cooking for families in need
    • Socks full of love—(brochure)
    • selling advent wreath to promote the season and as fundraiser for more service projects
    • knitting scarves for the homeless—Inn From the Cold

Youth Ministry

  • Very busy time in this area. We are trying to figure out Maria’s role in parish youth and school youth activities.
  • She has been at many school functions to meet the students and teachers to promote the youth group. She spoke at all opening Masses for the schools and has been to school open houses and school retreats.
  • She has started a Senior Youth group which was a request to me over the years. I have attended several of these and the average is about 20-40 youth from grade 10-12. From this group she has formed Senior Leaders (about 10 leaders) for the SJY group of grades 7-9. We average 40-45 youth at these meetings. There are many new faces at the groups.
  • The Boys and Dad’s and the Girls T&T groups have had 2 meetings with the 3rd tomorrow. Girls have been about 25 and will check with Jason about the boys. They are going to be building the CO2 race cars for their project at HTA workshop.
  • The Youth groups have had several scheduling issues due to the space being booked on Thurs. for other events. We are able to use the Garage for Movie nights because the numbers are too big for large activities.
  • We took 28 youth to the Youth Rally in Red Deer and picked up 11 from St. Paul in Airdrie. We had 4 adult supervisors on the bus. Wonderful experience for us and the Youth.
  • Maria has planned for the year. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the theme and the Youth plan around this in their talks, testimonies and activities.
  • Still think it was the best thing for the schools and parish to hire Maria.
  • Youth and Youth Ministered Mass: this was an enthusiastic idea but realize it will take more time and organization to get started. We are working hard planning with people who can commit to helping the youth. I will start the planning with Maria in the new year as the youth get very busy at Christmas and the seniors write exams in Jan.
  • We are looking at Feb as a start date for training.