Parish Council Report – Nov. 13, 2014

Hall and Building Construction

  • Completion date estimated in November 2015 due to delay in steel rafters by six weeks (Dec 20, 2014)
  • Project schedule has advanced interior changes due to above
    • Vestry and bathroom upgrade in November
    • Entrance to hall from choir room in progress
    • Chapel door and windows in process
  • Brick fire wall heated and hoarded and in progress
  • Transformer to be upgraded
  • Choir overhead mikes to be relocated along beam in choir area
  • Funds required to finish approx. $3.2 million. Estimated need for fundraising for Kitchen, technical equipment and furniture @ $200- $250k
  • Office assessment for sale @ $430k. $15 k repairs prior to sale to gain full value- 2 windows, bathroom paint and shingles
  • Thanks for cooperation with the changes to current meeting and storage places during this period
  • Rectory downstairs development close to completion

Strengthening our Parish Communities

  • Annual committee mtg on October 16
  • Parish Friendly System will incorporate all records eliminating need for excel spread sheets This will allow instant access to all upgrades
  • Armatus annual review training will be completed on line by all volunteers. Parish will set up user names and passwords (first initial and last name and same password for all)
  • Duty of Care training for elders will use a different platform than current.
  • Canadian program used by the YWCA “Abuse of Elders”
  • Pastoral care and communion ministers to the sick will be prime training segment
  • Training of trainers taking place in November. Training will take place after Christmas
  • Articles will continue to be placed in the Carillon but will focus more on execution and anecdotes from parishes vs the technical aspects of the program
  • New Parish staff- Christina and Father Dennis attended review training in Calgary on October 21