Minutes of the Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes (Unapproved) Nov. 13, 2014

Attendees – Father Yarek, Father Dennis, Sister Lucille, Dave Wilson (Chairman), Keith Hartman, Ron Schreiber (Secretary)

The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm. Ron Schreiber led the group in opening prayer.

The minutes of the previous meeting held September 11 were reviewed and approved with one change – Tara Epp is the CWL Representative, not the CWL President as the minutes stated.

Two items were added under new business – a coffee Sunday schedule and Christmas Mass times

Father Yarek provided an update on the Parish. He reported that Father Dennis has now begun actively working in the Parish and this will be a great asset in a parish the size of ours. He also encouraged parishioners to get to know Father Dennis by inviting him out for supper.

Sister Lucille reported on the activities of the Mom’s Group. Please see the attached report. She highlighted the “Socks Full of Love” project being undertaken by some parishioners and she also highlighted the upcoming sale of Advent wreaths to help fund further service projects. She reported on the Bishop’s presentation to the Mom’s Group which centered around coping with daily life. Sister Lucille also reported that the Mom’s Group has donated a number of frozen meals meant to help needy parishioners get through illnesses or funeral situations. It is expected that the need for these meals would most likely arise from requests coming through the Pastoral Care Ministry or the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Sister Lucille also spoke about the Youth Ministry in the Parish. The new Youth Minister, Maria van Kampen, has been extremely busy visiting schools and carrying out youth activities. The number of youth participating in these events is very encouraging. As well, interested youth have been invited to participate in existing music leadership group practices and masses to develop the knowledge and skills needed to set up a youth-led music group to lead music at masses in the future. Sister Lucille also suggested that, given the high number of children in the St. Michael’s Parish community, it is possible that they may be able to carry out sacramental preparation for these children in their own community, rather than having to come to St. James.

Regarding Pastoral Care in the Parish, Father Yarek reminded the group that Pastoral Care should include the offer of sacramental participation to those requiring care. Once this was set up, a priest could visit the requestor and provide the sacrament. He said that this would be a main discussion topic at the upcoming Pastoral Care meeting to be held November 19.

Keith Hartman provided an update on activities at St. Michael’s in Black Diamond. Please see the attached report. He spoke about the new Spiritual Committee which will undertake to carry out three well-organized spiritual events per year. He also reported on capital projects at the church including the necessity to provide wheelchair access to the basement area. Funding for the various projects has not been finalized and one should expect that some fundraising will be required to help these projects to be undertaken.

Regarding the CWL, please see the attached report. It was reported as well, that the movie night planned for November 20 was being well-subscribed to, with ticket sales exceeding 60. The movie being shown is “The Triumph”.

The report from CTR Catholic was presented by Ron Schreiber. Please see the attached report. He highlighted the upcoming conventions of the Alberta Catholic School Trustees Association and the Alberta School Boards Association starting November 14 and ending November 18. Dave Wilson commented on the last Okotoks Ward I meeting and on attempts to coordinate school and parish activities to minimize competition for participation by parishioners.

Dave Wilson reported on the activities of the Knights of Columbus. They are presently hosting “coffee Sunday” at St. James every third Sunday monthly. They are also looking at possible changes to the “Llama Classic” golf tourney to encourage greater participation by parishioners and are entertaining ideas for a fundraising gala event to celebrate the opening of the new Parish Hall. Please see the attached report for further information.

Chairman Wilson then reported on the “Strengthening our Parish Community” initiative. Please see the attached report. Further to that report, he noted that there are approximately 150 volunteers in the Parish who will be required to complete on-line training to help increase awareness of any potential abuse incidents in our Parish so that they can be prevented from occurring.

In regards to the Parish Hall and Building Construction, Dave Wilson noted that the total cost of the Parish Hall (and kitchen and office space) would be 4.2 million dollars. Discussion then took place regarding concern with the delay due to the difficulty obtaining the necessary steel for the construction and the effects it may have. Dave Wilson also spoke about the development of the rectory basement to provide accommodation for Father Dennis. It is hoped to be completed in a couple of weeks. Please see the attached report for further details.

Dave Wilson then provided a report he obtained from Julius Strachan regarding “Couples for Christ”. The group is presently meeting in High River at St. Francis de Sales Church. However, they will be hosting a Filipino language mass at St. James on December 13 at 6:30pm followed by a potluck supper.

Unfinished Business

Discussion regarding requests for a Saturday night mass at St. James took place. At this time, there does not appear to be sufficient numbers of mass attendees to warrant a third mass time. Perhaps, in the future, this could be undertaken.

Regarding the upcoming Lenten Mission, discussion occurred regarding potential speakers and activities that could include mass, adoration, and/or devotion time utilizing the Rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. It was decided to approach Dr. Eric Wasylenko as a possible speaker whose topic would center around end of life issues. It was also noted that this topic was a focus for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops this year.

New Business

A “coffee Sunday” schedule for St. James has been devised. The Parish Pastoral Council is very grateful for the many different groups that have come forward to take on this important community building event. Please see attached.

The Christmas mass times will be 6pm and 9pm Christmas Eve and 11am Christmas morning at St. James. At St. Michael’s they will be 9pm and 11pm Christmas Eve and 9am Christmas morning.

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council will be January 22, 2015 at 7:30pm at St. James Church.

Father Yarek led the group in a closing prayer at 9:15pm.