St. James Parish Council Report – Sep. 11, 2014

  1. Youth: Maria VanKampen started Sept 2 as Youth Minister Assistant. She is alively, friendly person and is fitting in wonderfully with the mature staff. Maria has formed a team of 5 adults for supervision and she has 6-8 senior youth leaders to help with leading youth group evenings.
  2. She is all set up at with an office and has already been to HTA twice to talk at Religion Classes.
    She was at St. Mary’s Meet the Teacher night with a Parish display board. She was promoting all the youth groups, Mom’s Group, and Book club. Save the date poster for Fr. Steve’ retirement and Fr. Dennis’s welcome supper and poster for Bishop Henry coming to speak to Mom’s Group on Oct 1. She was also handing out the Sacramental Brochure.
  3. I have attended all the start -up meetings for Liturgy Committee, RCIA, Sacramental Preparation and now Parish Council.
  4. Sacramental Registration was Wed Sept 10, with 15 registrations. This was also St. Mary’s Meet the Teacher night so will be expecting more registrations Sept 18 or at parish office later. The second date for Sac Reg is Sept 18 and I sent note to Schools to promote again
    1. This year my focus will be on Sac Prep. I am forming teams of at least 4 persons per Sacrament. In the last 5 years have had one person organizing and leading. When they leave I am left to start over in a scramble. With Maria as assistant I will now be able to spend more time and effort into Sacraments. My goal was to have men on team so the youth see that men are involved in having, teaching and sharing faith and Church life.
    2. Reconciliation: Susan and Nick leaders: Nicole and Maria assistants
    3. 1st Communion: Susan and Nick leaders: Nicole and Maria assistants
    4. Confirmation: Carmen leader: Tara and Kris A, Dana and Kevin and Maria assistants
    5. At each meeting of the Sacramental Preparation there is a parent component which will be led by Dorothy Burns and team.
  5. RCIA will begin Sept. 17 and we have 14 registered at the moment but never know for sure until the evening of. We usually have the end of Oct as cut off for the first group and if there is more coming after we start another group in Feb.
  6. Groups starting up again.
    1. 3 prayer groups. (CCRS, Men’s prayer, Lectio Divina)
    2. Mom’s group
    3. Book Club
  7. Just to let everyone know, Christina started Sept 2, Wed, Thurs, Fri, one week then Thurs Fri the following week. There is a lot to learn but she is a wonderful, friendly fit to the office.She is doing very well in learning the procedures at the office. Will be going for Parish Friendly training on Wed. Sept 17.

New Business:

I have been meeting with Micheline Pare, she works for the Diocese of Calgary with Deacon Michael S. on the Pastoral Care Team. She has asked if we would like her to put on a workshop in Nov. for the pastoral care team, caregivers or anyone who has lost a loved one.