St James Parish Pastoral Council Minutes – March 27, 2014

Attendees – Father Yarek, Debra Quinlan (Parish Office), Dave Wilson (Chairman and Strengthening Our Parish), Sister Lucille (Parish Education Coordinator), Marlene Peterson (Pastoral Care), Keith Hartman (St. Michael’s Church), Julius Strachan (Member-at-large and Couples For Christ), Ron Schreiber (secretary and CRCS). Absent with regrets – Stephanie Krueger (Mom’s Group and Liturgy Committee), Niki Doyle (CRCS), Patrick Lamontagne (KofC), Mary McGinness (CWL)

Meeting called to order at 7:32pm.

The minutes of the February 20 parish council meeting were reviewed and approved with Sister Lucille making the motion and Marlene Peterson seconding.

Dave Wilson introduced the “Called to Protect” video and spoke about the status of the “Strengthening Our Parish” initiative in our parish. The group then watched two 20 minute videos – the first pertaining to possible abuse in families and the second centered on ministries. The intent of the videos was to help people learn to recognize when abuse is occurring and to lessen the chances of it happening. Discussion about the videos then followed as well as discussion about hiring and volunteering procedures.

The participants then brought forward any priority items that they might have. Julius Strachan reported on the newly developed Couples For Christ program in High River. Sister Lucille raised the issue of hiring a youth minister for the parish and discussion ensued regarding the best process to carry this out. Keith Hartman reported on St. Michael’s Church regarding its Parish Council and the plan for a liaison position to the St. James Parish Council as well as the state of repairs at the church. Marlene Peterson reported that she and Barbara Zimmer from Black Diamond will alternate on the Pastoral Care reports. Ron Schreiber spoke about the Catholic Education Symposium and volunteered to send his notes out to Parish Council. Dave Wilson reminded the Parish Council that their turn to supply the soup and buns for the Stations of the Cross was taking place Friday, April 4; he raised the issue of convention attendance for pastoral care workers in our parish; and he reminded the Parish Council members to take a good look at the job descriptions document handed out last meeting as it will be discussed at the next meeting.

Next meeting date will be Thursday, May 8 at 7:30pm.

Father Yarek led the group in closing prayer at 9:20pm.