St. Michael’s Mission Council Meeting February 26, 2014

In attendance: Joe & Margaret Bews, Tony and Gina Sacheli, Keith and Sheila Hartman, Mavis Hills, Barbara Zimmer

1. Joe Bews led us in opening prayer.
2. Reviewed the minutes from the last meeting dated October 3, 2012. In minutes we had planned to have a few new folks join the Council but no one stepped forward. We discussed a representative going to St. James Council meetings on regular basis instead of rotation basis. Sheila will approach three people in the parish to ask if one of them will take on this commitment. Also discussed posting our minutes on the website. Barbara will send them to the office to be posted “unapproved”.
3. Review of St. James Council meeting on Feb 20/14
Barbara reported on highlights: i) NET team was not approved for our parish this fall.
ii) Clear Water Academy is negotiating with Christ the Redeemer School Division to join district on limited basis for limited services.iii)Strengthening Parish program now online and can be accessed through the office. Iv) Parish Hall plans have gone to MD of Foothills, will be applying for development permit. Council’s next meeting: March 27.
4. Business arising from minutes: The artwork for the windows in the entrance will be done digitally by Abigail Hartman and Marissa Gruenky before the summer is out as these students will be graduating this spring. Images to come back to Council. Then the maintenance committee will decide how to install them.
5. Committee Reports
a) Maintenance: Sheila reported that the disbanded CWL has money left in their account and Council has been asked to spend it so that the books can be closed. To date Sheila purchased an electric kettle (auto shut off), a 14 cup perculator, cutlery partitions for the drawers, and minimal supplies for World Day of Prayer. Soon to purchase utility cart with bins, and insulated coffee urn. The other two coffee urns (100 cup ) have been cleaned and repaired.

Keith reported that weather stripping is installed, front door latch mechanism was cleaned,
landscaping on south side was done last October (gravel, mulch, land sloping away from building). Other projects to be done include i) New stucco for front and back of building , ii) electrical wiring to be moved from front door to back of building; iii) holes/electrical in basement ceiling to be repaired.

Council has given go ahead for Armand to purchase plastic storage bins for supplies under the stairs, replacing the cardboard boxes. Funds to be taken out of the ‘funeral fund’.

Discussion on repairs to cement floor. We need to gather some options before repainting it again. What else could be done?

Discussion on upstairs windows. Should we replace the missing yellow panal on the back window? Also discussed possibility of stained glass windows. Tony will price one out for future discussion. Other ideas briefly discussed: some type of device for allowing movement for handicapped to the basement (lift)

Snow removal on church lots: Don McHugh usually cleans the lots. If not available, we may need to contract this service. Keith will be in touch with the office relating to a cleaning done without a said contract.
b) Hospitality: Gina reported that a roster with four teams has been set up to handle coffee Sunday events. She will look for new person to coordinate this as she is interested in assisting with Spiritual events for St. Michael’s.
c) Spiritual: We will again offer the Stations of the Cross at 6 pm with soup to follow. Mavis and Gina will provide the first Friday soups. Gina will prepare a spread sheet for folks to sign up for bringing soups. Mavis will contact the office to have an announcement made for the coming Sunday and for the Stations times to be posted in the bulletin throughout Lent.

Barbara reported that Fr. Yarek is ok with us having a Divine Mercy program after mass on April 27 so we will do as in the past – Divine Mercy chaplet and veneration of the image. Plan to have coffee and food afterwards.
Mavis and Gina will focus on an activity for May, the month of Mary and the rosary.

d) Ministries: Mavis reported that having emails has taken much of work out of the job and that the schedule for the next year is now posted and has been sent out via email to all ministers.

e) Altar Care: Have enough money for Easter flowers. Also wanting to look at sewing new altar banners to update the look and use matching colors. Barbara will ask about patterns for the altar server color panals that St. James uses. Margaret has volunteered to help sew these.

6. New Business
Suggested we post our ‘unapproved ‘minutes on the St. James website and inform parishioners through the bulletin.

Next meeting: March 26 at 7 pm