St James Parish Pastoral Council Minutes – Jan. 9, 2014

In Attendance – Fr. Yarek, Dave Wilson (Knights of Columbus and Parish Representative on Strengthening Our Parish Community initiative), Niki Doyle (Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools), Mary Fraser (Catholic Women’s League), Sr. Lucille (Youth and Adult Education Coordinator), Stephanie Krueger (Mom’s Group), Ron Schreiber (Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools)

  1. Opening Prayer – Fr. Yarek led the group in the opening prayer at 7:33 pm.
  2. Election of new Chairperson and Secretary – Ron Schreiber volunteered for the position of secretary. Discussion ensued regarding the duties of the chairperson. Following nominations and elections, Dave Wilson was elected to the position of chairperson and Stephanie Krueger assumed the position of vice‐chairperson. Stephanie Krueger also took on the task forming a liturgy committee. Dave Wilson then chaired the remainder of the meeting.
  3. Reports – Mary Fraser reported on behalf of the CWL providing a report on activities undertaken in the past year. She also spoke about the status of memberships and finances. On Jan. 12 and 26, the CWL will hold a membership drive at the parish.

Dave Wilson reported on behalf of the Knights giving a report on the status of their
membership, their finances, and the activities that they have been involved in over the past year. He also reported that the Knights support the coffee Sunday held the 3rd Sunday each month at St. James Parish and that they are planning to speak after mass on Jan. 19 regarding membership and activities of the Knights in our Parish. He also reported that the Knights have set up a link at the Parish website for their web page where they post minutes of meetings and information pertaining to the Knights.

Sr. Lucille provided a written report (see attached) and commented on various parts
of it. Regarding point 1, the NET Team, if the application from our parish is successful, would come to Okotoks in October, 2014 and would finish in May of 2015. Pertaining to point 2, there were 50 children receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Discussion followed related to the report and thanks was expressed for the many opportunities available in the Parish for people to deepen their faith and understanding. The importance of attempting to link events together to minimize the time requirements for all involved was also spoken about.

Stephanie Krueger reported for the Mom’s Group on activities that they had been involved in as well as the levels of attendance at their meetings. She also reported on their planned St. Patrick’s Day Potluck to be held Saturday, March 15.

Niki Doyle, speaking on behalf of CRCS, spoke about the status of the St. Luke’s
Outreach School in Okotoks. She was very thankful for the enormous support shown by the entire community and was very appreciative of the growth in faith being seen at the School. Ron Schreiber then provided a report from CRCS which highlighted a change in the School Board’s meeting structure this year and the trend to increase the amount of school community engagement undertaken by school boards. He also reported on the future annexation of land by the Town of Okotoks, the status of contract negotiations with teachers, School Board policies and regulations, as well as the recently held annual ATA social. Ron Schreiber then gave an update regarding the latest Christmas concerts which were held at St. James Parish. He thanked the Parish, on behalf, of the local schools for the opportunity to hold these concerts at this location. Discussion then followed regarding the importance of events such as these and their impact on the larger parish community.
Ron Schreiber extended an open invitation to Fr. Yarek to visit any of our schools, remarking on theimportance of the presence of the religious in the lives of the students.

4. Pastoral Concerns – Discussion focused on the attendance at masses at Christmas, an update regarding maintenance at the church, the offering of reconciliations services next year, and a query regarding the provisioning of holy water at the entrance to the chapel.
5. Next meeting – Thursday, February 20 at 7:30 pm at St. James Parish.
6. Closing Prayer – Fr. Yarek led the group in closing prayer at 9:10 pm.


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